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Helping to make your event, and the party, unforgettable

Weddings, graduations, birthdays, retirements; any event to celebrate are the times that people smile, share laughs, talk to one another, and make lasting memories. Personally, I love any reason to celebrate and I love that celebrations bring folks back together.  


In the spring of 2017, with the help of a few friends, I converted my vintage 1970 Hart two-horse trailer into the rad beverage wagon it is today. Why? I saw a need, and a demand, for unique mobile beverage services in the north state. And having come from an agriculture background, and being a bonafide "horsey" girl myself, using my horse trailer as a bar just made sense to me.


I am extremely proud that my horse trailer, Ms. Roxy Hart, was Northern California's very first horse trailer bar. And now with the addition of my truck bed trailer, Mr. Road Soda, The Rollin' Bar can offer different options to serve any party. My goal for The Rollin' Bar is to offer our clients a unique bar rental so that the client's event can be special, and the more special their guest's experience is, the more memorable their event will be. And The Rollin' Bar trailers will help make an event both unique and memorable.


Thanks for stopping by and God bless!

Sarah Beth Angle
Owner- Operator
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