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Beer Pour Only

Mr. Road Soda (the truck bed trailer) serves up to 4 beer kegs at one time. The rental rate for Mr. Road Soda, using the "drop and go" option (no bartenders), is $300 per day. The trailer is dropped off early on the day of the event, and our staff will set up the trailer and kegs. There is no attendant during the rental, so it is the client's responsibility to keep ice on the kegs throughout the rental period. Our staff will then come out and detach the kegs and remove the trailer at the end of the rental period. 


If you would like plastic/paper good service (cups, napkins, straws) there will be an additional $50 charge per day.


If an attendant is needed per venue rules, or the event is large enough that kegs will need to be changed in and out during the rental period, please see option two.


All card transactions are subject to a handling fee up to 2.9%.



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