Frequently asked questions

How do I rent The Rollin' Bar?

First, contact us! Email us through our contact page with the date of your event, estimated guest count, preferred trailer rental, and beverage service needed. Once we confirm that the date is still available, we we send over a quote. A non-refundable deposit will be required to officially book your date. *Please note that if your event date on our calendar is empty, that DOES NOT constitute as confirmation that the trailer is available. Contact us for official confirmation.

How much is it to rent a trailer from The Rollin' Bar?

After we confirm that your date is available, we will need to know the following details; - your trailer rental choice - the location of your event - the number of guests you estimate to host - what kind of bar selection you will be serving The details listed above determine the rental price. Rental prices can range from $80 an hour to $200 an hour. Please visit our beverage service options for more information, and contact us for a quote. All rentals include 30 miles of travel, all additional miles after that are charged to the client. If the cleint is in need of paper/plastic goods for their event, The Rollin' Bar can provide disposable clear plastic cups, white cocktail napkins, and black straws for a service charge. All events have minimum rental requirements and please note that all credit/debit card charges are subject to a handling fee.

Do you provide the alcohol for an event?

No. We are a "dry hire" bar. To be in accordance with California law, all alcohol and beverages (or any consumable like ice and garnishes) must be provided by the event coordinator (ex. the bride and groom) or through a third party (ex. your event caterer). Contact us with your event details and we will help find the best option for you!

How far does The Rollin' Bar travel?

We service the Northern California area, which includes Butte, Tehama, Shasta, Yuba, Glenn, Yolo and Sacramento counties. All packages include 30 miles of travel from our location in Red Bluff, CA. Every mile after that will have an additional charge.

How many bartenders are provided per rental?

The number of bartenders needed for an event depends on the number of guests you plan to accommodate and the bar service you will be hosting. Typically, if you are hosting more than 75 guests, we will require two bartenders for the rental service. Mr. Road Soda (our truck bed trailer rental) is available for rent with or without a bartender or attendant.

What is the bartender staff attire?

Our staff sports clean denim jeans, black tops and our customized Rollin' Bar aprons.

Can The Rollin' Bar travel to any location?

Almost, but not all. The Rollin' Bar needs to have enough room to park, and there must be plenty of room for both the truck and trailer to pull through and/or turn around. It is preferred that sufficient electricity is provided with a standard 110 plug and a 20 amp breaker (but a generator can be used if need be). For public events, it is recommended that the trailer is set up within 250 feet of a bathroom and/or kitchen facilities. Always contact your venue to check their rules on drive up mobile bars. If permits are needed for The Rollin' Bar to be present at the chosen location, it is up to the client to provide the permit.

Is The Rollin' Bar insured?

You bet we are! We can provide copies of our documents upon request.

Can we decorate the rented trailer to match the decor at our event?

Any decorations that do not include fire, nails, glue, or objects that will damage the trailer can be used to decorate.

We are ready to book, what next?

Let us know you are ready, and we will send over a contract and invoice. For the deposit, we accept check, cash or credit cards. All credit card payments are subject to a handling fee.

How big are the trailers?

Ms. Roxy Hart (our 1970 Horse Trailer Bar) when parked and open for service, is 17 ft long, 13 ft wide, and 8 1/2 ft tall. Mr. Road Soda (our 1965 International truck bed trailer): when parked and open for service is 12 1/2 ft long, 7 ft wide, and 7 ft tall.

I am ordering kegs for my trailer rental, what do I need to rent?

All of our trailers are set up with Standard Sankey D Coupler taps. These taps are the "standard" for US kegs. Imported beers such as Stella, require special taps. You MUST notify us before you order a keg that requires a tap that differs from a Sankey D Coupler. If a keg is rented that will not hook up to the trailer, the client is responsible for providing the coupler (tap) for that particular keg, so that beer can be dispensed. We recommend picking up your event kegs the morning of the event, and setting them on ice and rock salt ASAP. The colder the beer is when we arrive, the better the beer is served to you and your guests.

Do you offer a Military Discount?

Yes! We proudly support our military. When booking, please email a copy of your active or reitred military I.D. or proof of military employment.