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Construction Day 1: a horse trailer bar

The day I have been longing for has finally arrived... we started construction on the trailer!

I purchased the trailer in October 2016, and action finally took place February 12th, 2017. Why did it take 4 months? You could say we have been busy. Actually, you can say that the handyman who is doing the fabrication work has been busy. But time is creeping up on us and we have a deadline to meet. So construction started on Sunday. Whoo hoo!

This past weekend we "broke the trailer in" by unofficially christening it! The boys were working out in the shop, and I came to join the conversation, and as it usually happens, everyone and their sister just showed up and we ended up drinking in the shop for a few country hours and the trailer got use by holding our beers. She did a great job!

That was Saturday evening. Construction came on Sunday. And Sunday was a beautiful, warm day! One of the only days that week that didn't rain. Its also the day history was made in Oroville, CA. The day my hometown was evacuated due to the damaged spillway at the Lake Oroville dam. I was born and raised in Oroville, my entire family lives there, and most of my friends reside there too. You can say it was an intense day! But thanks to the good grace of God, my family was evacuated safely and they are still currently waiting out the evacuation as I write this post. But I trust that God will take care of the situation and we can be grateful for His protection. 

Anyway, this last Sunday we took our measuring tapes, rulers and safety glasses out to the barn and starting making a mess. It was a blast. I will let the pictures tell the story for me. Stay tuned for more! 

The Trailer before...

Make sure to stay tuned as we progress! 

God Bless- 

Sarah Beth 

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