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"You want to do what?" A horse trailer bar

On a warm sunny day, in a quiet courtyard, I made a bold declaration. If you can picture it, sitting on the metal chairs from the back patio of the Los Molinos Burger Shack, I simply stated out loud "I want to buy a vintage horse trailer and convert into a bar for events, like weddings”. I was with a few acquaintances at the time, and they just stopped and stared at me like I just spoke a new language. It felt like forever had gone by before either of them made a move or sound. "Um, what did you say?" With the help from Pinterest, I was able to play show-and-tell by showing them examples of folks in Europe who have converted their horse boxes (known in the USA as horse trailers) into popular mobile bars. They are huge in Europe! And after some research, I found a few in the United States as well. But there wasn't a horse trailer bar in the Northern region of California. And I found it to be my duty to fill that need for the California people (cue patriotic music). 

About 6 months later, I purchased my first horse trailer. I found the perfect trailer on Craigslist and we drove over 4 hours to purchase her. Did you read that? We drove FOUR hours to get a two horse trailer. Who knew vintage two horse trailers were so hard to come by? Anyway, I finally owned one. That day I took home my vintage 1970 Hart that was a wonderful color of turquoise teal and white stripes. That was on October 28th, 2016. 

So what the hell have I been doing since? Good question...

PLANNING. Drawing. Erasing. Drawing. Taping. Planning some more. Budgeting. Saving. Crying. Arguing with Russell about plans and deadlines. But most importantly, I have been creating the brand, building the website and now starting the BLOG. The trailer hasn't even been cut into, its still just as it was when we bought it, but boy have I put  A LOT of work into The Rollin' Bar. Oh, did I mention we named the business? AND had a logo made?

The name was dubbed by my mother, pretty much by accident. We don't quite remember what it was she said, but when my Dad and myself heard her say it- we knew. That was it. So from here on out, we are The Rollin' Bar, Northern California's Vintage Horse Bar. 

The logo was designed by Liz Rogala from Just Artin' Around. We worked entirely online and I actually purchased the work through good ole She did an amazing job with the logo, didn't she? I love it. It will look fantastic on the side of the bar. 

Thank you for joining me in my journey. I am so excited to be starting this venture and I truly appreciate your support and interest! 

xoxo- Sarah Beth

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