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How To Build a Horse Trailer Bar/ How to Start A Mobile Bar Business

Well folks, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be considered a "pioneer" in a business trend, let alone be someone to write a "how-to" on building a horse trailer bar, or how to start your own mobile bar business. But here I am..

I finished construction on my horse trailer bar Ms. Roxy Hart May of 2017. Today is March 22nd, 2018... so it hasn't even been a whole year yet, and here I am, being bombarded with emails from others asking me how I built my trailer and how I got my business off the ground. While all of the emails and inquiries are flattering, they are also very overwhelming. I TOTALLY understand the questions, and the desire to get accurate feedback from someone in the industry, because I did the same exact thing. Believe me, I've been there so I completely understand. So in an effort to help all of you curious entrepreneurs out there with the idea to join our mobile bar business family, I have created a basic guideline on how to get started in the mobile bar business. I would like to introduce you to my eBook: 

Mobile Bars, Business Start-Up Guide: A Helpful Guideline To Starting Your Mobile Bar Business

I wrote Mobile Bars: Business Start-Up Guide, A Helpful Guideline To Starting Your Mobile Bar Business. This is a 30 page PDF download, answering all of the most common questions I receive daily. "Do I need a liquor license?" "What kind of insurance do I need?" "What should I charge per hour?" 

I am not an expert in the mobile bar business, and I do not guarantee that The eBook will be able to answer all questions or necessarily be helpful. Like I mentioned before, I have only been in operation for less than a year, and everything about your success will depend on where you live, what the economy is like in your area, how strict your counties regulations are, and how much work YOU put into the business. All I can do is offer the suggestions I have written in Mobile Bars: Business Start-Up Guide, A Helpful Guideline To Starting Your Mobile Bar.

Go check out Mobile Bars: Business Start-Up Guide, A Helpful Guideline To Starting Your Mobile Bar Business today and take the first step to starting your own business or building your very own horse trailer bar!

God Bless, 

Sarah Beth 

owner-operator of The Rollin' Bar

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